Thursday, July 3, 2008

UPDATE: Commissioners Meeting

Though it's still undecided as to what the fate of the current Central Branch, Library will be, one things for sure. The push by Commissioner Robb Pitts to add an additional $173,000,000 to the already $225,000,000 Library Master Plan, so that a new (tourist attraction) Central Branch can be built, is losing steam fast. As today, during the Commission meeting, there were signs of a cracking solidarity between board members. This was most notable when Commissioners Emma Darnell, Bill Edwards and John Eaves expressed their concerns about the inadequate planning and bloated budget put forth by Robb Pitts. But it's it's not over just yet. There's one last critical meeting coming up on July 16th, whereupon it should become entirely clear what the future of the Central Branch will be. Nonetheless, there is still cause for celebration, as we have now been assured that the Buckhead Library will be kept intact. Buckhead has been saved!