Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Preserving our civic heritage while ensuring a path to progression

The creation of this blog has been done so as to provide a public forum for the preservation of the Marcel Breuer, Bauhaus designed, Atlanta-Fulton Central Branch Public Library. For as it stands the future of this priceless, iconic structure now hangs in the balance. And while the function of this building and it's historic presence holds dear and near to the hearts of many, this is especially true for me, as my own personal art and design experience is in direct aesthetic lineage to the original German Bauhaus School.

For those who are interested in this matter, you may click here to find a page that provides a solid overview of the Central Branch's origin and history. And within that site there are a multitude of links which one can use to delve deeper into rich architectural genealogy of the building's creator.

In the days and weeks to follow this site will be updated to provide a chronology of important developments and call(s) to action.


Max Eternity